I am Nora Iluri. Welcome to my blog.

Healthcare is my love and my passion. I started dabbling in healthcare when I was 11 – when my father launched a medical device startup in Hungary before the wall fell that separated the eastern block. It was one of the first private enterprises in Hungary at the time. Ever since then, healthcare entrepreneurship and the desire to make a difference in people’s well being has driven my studies and my career choices.

After finishing my undergrad, masters and PhD at MIT in electrical engineering and computer science, I hopped over to the other Cambridge (UK) to get a pseudo business degree in Bioscience Entrepreneurship, started a company, then later joined McKinsey’s Healthcare practice.

At the time, the greatest impact I believed came from new medical products that could better hundreds or thousands of lives at once. The landscape has shifted significantly since, however. Over the past 5-10 years, healthcare IT started to emerge as the clear driver of major changes in the industry and the greatest potential source of benefit to people’s well being. As such, I have joined the healthcare information revolution in 2011, quitting McKinsey to start my second startup, later joining Google, and a predictive analytics company called Pieces Tech.

Working in Healthcare IT for over 6 years now in various strategic, product, and entrepreneurial roles I found that it was hard to get good overviews of the industry to get up to speed on different relevant topics. As such, I started this blog to both learn more about the space as I wrote and to help share what I have learned in both summary and deep dive forms.

I would love this to grow into a discussion community about the healthcare information market where people feel comfortable challenging what I have written and providing new insights and facts to round out each perspective. I thus invite you to participate and let me know what you think!